Marko Sliskovic

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20. 08. 2020.

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Business Culture

Mystery behind Motivation

What is the true secret to high performance?

    Business Culture27. 08. 2020.

    Inconsistency of Choices

    Is maximizing individual freedom really the way to go?

    Marko Sliskovic7min

    Business Culture03. 09. 2020.

    Deep in Conversation

    Everyone you’ll ever meet knows something you don’t.

    Marko Sliskovic7min

    Business Culture13. 08. 2020.

    Discomfort makes us Grow

    Anytime we continually do something in the same way, we stop growing.

    Marko Sliskovic6min

    Marko Sliskovic

    Co-Founder and Managing Partner

    Marko has over 5 years of experience in lead generation and appointment setting across multiple industries, currently acting as a managing partner in a business development agency SkyBox.

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